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Friday, 14 November 2014

Super Gaharu R&D - Phase One

Salam warahmatullah,

Today, I have completed the first phase for the Super Gaharu research project involving 2 young plants of species A. Malaccensis. The R&D is based loosely on the GM Super project undertaken by an Indonesian gaharu entrepreneur  with claims that gaharu plants which had undergone such processes will bear gaharu without the need for further inoculation when it matured in 4 - 5 years. Any further inoculation will be treated as optional.

The 2 young plants has been soaked in gaharu vaccine for the last 30 days. Throughout the process, the plants has not shown any negative reaction and has been growing normally. A very good sign indeed!

Updates in the next phase will be reported after it has been completed. In the mean time, sit back and relax.


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